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I am sorry.
I pride myself on always being punctual, and doing what I promised when I promised.
However, I also pride myself on my honesty.
So being honest, this is the second time in the week that I am late (in reality it is probably only the second time in a year, but both times are within 72 hours of each other)

Late appointment one:
Having just recruited our new social media manager (who I think will be a superstar and will help to make sure this doesn’t happen again) on one side of my home town Warrington, I headed over to the other side of town 30 minutes early for my next meeting.  Sat their rather smug I text my meeting to say please let me know when you are reception and I will come and collect you.  A phone call later, I am told I arranged to meet on the other side of town (where I previously was) – which is 20 minutes away on a good day, and I am due there in one minute.  Apologies flowed, I head straight to my car, and of course hit every bit of traffic and temporary traffic lights (that have literally never been on this road I drive down every day), and arrive 30 minutes late.



However I cocked up, so I owned it, and I made sure there person I met got something from our meeting.  Two introductions for them later, and the potential of a business opportunity for them and they have forgotten I was late.

When you cock up, own it and make up for it.

You will get so much more respect.

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 21.01.07
Late appointment 2:

I promised to have the documents sent by 5pm yesterday, I missed the deadline.
So I am sorry this is a day later than promised ( I am aware that this has worked in some latecomers favour, so you guys are welcome ha ha).  Yesterday was madness, a real day of challenges and opportunity, the true ‘good, bad and ugly’ day in property, and simply I forgot to do what I promised.
So here are the items I promised.


Danny Inman Property – Summary Document – Final-2


business goals 2020PDF MAIL

I hope this has made it up to you.
When I F it Up then I want to try and make it up.
So I hope this goes some way.
If you need more from me, stay tuned, remember 2020 is the year of giving.

PS I have mastered how to put the documents in the blog, so I don’t need to send them separately in an email now.  Wahoo.  This was a win for me.

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 21.23.27

Please enjoy the documents.
More education to follow……

Go out, make it happen.  We are in this together.

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5 comments on “I AM SORRY, I HATE BEING LATE!!!

  1. Sonia says:

    Hi Danny, thank you very much for sharing the angel investment and business plan document. Better late than never.😜. I am just starting out in earnest and these will greatly assist in articulating my thoughts comprehensively.

  2. Jenny Greig-Pylypczuk says:

    Thanks Danny you are forgiven – really appreciate the documents – catch up soon

  3. Rodina says:

    Hi Danny, thank you for the documentation

  4. Areej says:

    Thanks a lot Danny

  5. Irina Taneva says:

    brilliant presentation today, Danny! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

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