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The property education world was an odd place in 2019.
As companies battled for position and battled even more bad press, it seemed odd to me the behaviour of many during this time.

Both the ‘educators’ and the ‘educated’ seemed to respond in ways that wouldn’t serve them well in the long run.

Educators, like many businesses, have become too focussed on growth and not service.  As an industry, it is becoming in danger of becoming a sausage factory.  It has become about “look how many people are in this room” over looking at how many are actually doing what they set out to do.
Many are incredible marketers, but their product stinks.  They can fill a room, sell a product at a high price, but the value isn’t there in the product.  These will be here today gone tomorrow.
Theres the little guys, or even some old fashioned big guys, that haven’t moved with the trends.  Their product is often much better, but either too expensive to deliver or not seen by enough people.
In business nowadays you cannot plant the seed and reap the harvest straight away, without taking care of the crop over a period of time.  If you don’t look after the crop, it won’t grow, and your harvests will be short-lived if at all existent.

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The Educated – simply put – you got to own it.  Absolutely we should all be pushing to improve the standard of education and information being shared in ALL areas of business and marketing.  We want sizzle and steak, and rightly so.
HOWEVER – if you buy something and do nothing, it can be the best information in the world, to you it is useless.
You have to take responsibility for the actions based on the information you have acquired.
This year I see people pointing fingers at other people more than ever.  There are people who have done the same education I did, who will say it was crap.  Then there is me, who has done OK with the information given.  If the information is the consistent part, what is the variable.  The person.
Be the best you that you can be.
Take action based on information.
Ultimately it is up to you.

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I do however feel that social media and the internet has changed everything.
“Property Investment or indeed the skills of an entrepreneur and business owner are no longer a secret sauce only available to the few.”
Our access to information and knowledge is at our finger tips every single minute of the day, and any educator needs to, in my opinion, give more to get more.

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I feel people want information, that is fresh and updated, in a digital manner, to learn their own time.
I believe that people want mastermind groups and time to network with peers who are doing the same thing as them.
They want someone to work with them over an extended period of starting their business (as I don’t know a get rich scheme you cannot buy a ticket for)
They want to be able to grow, and consistently be challenged.
They want as much information as possible, as structured as possible, and at a good value.
They want sizzle and steak.
And luckily, so do I.
So in 2020 I have made a promise to myself that I will give more value in all of our marketing, all of our posting and any product we decide to introduce.
I am working with a few people to design what this looks like as we speak, but in the mean time I will continue to send you, my beloved subscribers, more content/documentation/information in the year ahead.
I hope the business plan was useful.  I guarantee if you used it, it was.  If you didn’t it is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard (see above)
Next we are sharing our private finance document –  for those who are looking to raise for themselves, or even those interested in acting as a lender.

We are starting our youtube channel, podcast, and daily filming imminently.

I am all in on 2020.
Are you?

What do you want to see?

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24 comments on “2020 IS THE YEAR TO GIVE MORE…

  1. All good stuff Danny and from a well tried and tested person – keep it up!

    1. Cheers Michael – keep smashing it like you are

  2. Adrian says:

    Hey Danny great content and point of view. If you know of educators that have terrible products would you hesitate in calling them out?

    1. Nah – I don’t bother – I don’t worry too much about spending negative energy on negative people or service. My goal is to be better.

  3. Debbie Worthington says:

    So refreshing Danny that you are willing to share such valuable information with your followers – looking forward to taking ownership of my property journey with your help and signposting

    1. Cheers Debbie – I hope I can help a little

  4. Jenny Greig-Pylypczuk says:

    Great post Danny I look forward to hearing more and seeing your podcasts 👍😊

  5. Kirsty says:

    Thanks Danny! Refreshing and a bit passionate!

  6. Helen Gill says:

    Thank you Danny, always insightful 🙂

  7. cassandra says:

    Too true! This has given me goosebumps! Love the unsalesy approach. Well done Mr Inman. 🙂

  8. Mark says:

    Hello Danny,

    Interesting read. When you are referring to we is that “we” as in Danny Inman Property or Asset Academy? or something else.

    I am still pleased I chose the now A.A for my venture into property. I knew nothing and now know a little more about the prospects it can deliver and will learn more down the line. It was yourself (via) video that helped me narrow down my starting point with the ETA videos. I’ve done the 10 week challenge more than twice. I loved realising I been in shiny penny syndrome in past months. Going to develop all over this land 🤣 For 2020 I’m back to basics with some better clarity of going forward. The business plan did help with that to. thankyou.

    The internet has brought everything closer to us as individuals especially in respect of access to learning for sure. It’s grown companies. It’s shrunk and obliterated others. I sometimes feel now it is fast becoming the new “News of the World” of advertising and promising the earth and potential for “you!” at £39pm.

    Thanks for sharing thoughts and “for me” inspiration and rants.Look forward to next post.

  9. Daniel says:

    Love this blog! Couldn’t have put it better myself. You da man.

  10. Paul Fabian says:

    You’re the friend that just keeps on giving mate…… keep up the great work. What goes round comes round and you’re the perfect example of that. Here’s to a great 2020.

    1. Thanks My man – we all gonna keep smashing it!

  11. Nick Brook says:

    More of the same – Keep it coming

  12. Niyi Oludipe says:

    Thanks Danny, very useful and inspiring blog! Here’s to more success in 2020!

  13. Craig Halloway says:

    Great blog thanks Danny.

  14. Damon Rowe says:

    Great post. Although theres plenty of educational content out there, its often hard to sieve the shit from the gold nuggets but this one came direct from the gold mine. Thank you for sharing and setting the level educators should be! I look forward to reading more.

  15. Felicity says:

    Your content is spot on! You’ve been educated to a high standard, used what you learnt to build your empire and are now in a position to share your experience with others. That’s priceless and we hope to be in the same shoes one day! How satisfying it must be to be able to share the hard facts of property investing from such a position. I for one am looking forward to the investment doc!

  16. Cat Settle says:

    Looking forward to your podcast and daily filming – next level, top man!

  17. Marianne says:

    Great post Danny, keep them coming!!

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