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You HAVE TO see it to believe it

As a kid we taught to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy. Now in hindsight I know that I never actually saw the fat man in the suit (Go Compare wasn’t a thing then), but I vividly remember convincing myself that I did. How foolish must we have looked running around cheering his name to our parents, telling them how he said to me “go to bed little boy, I have a job to do.”
In honesty it was probably cute, and the belief of children is a wonderful thing – but we aren’t children anymore, stop believing stories and start looking for evidence. ESPECIALLY in business and property.

Wait…….they are not real……..but why would you lie to me?

So, why would people tell us something that isn’t the case, or let’s say “massage” the truth. There are two main reasons that apply – whether it be in the case of a mythological Festive character, or the abilities of a grown adult in life……..

1. Leverage – from about September all I hear is “be a good boy now or I will tell Santa Clause.” I am 33 guys, that doesn’t work on me now. Jokes.
However the threat of Santa is used to get children to conform and behave – it buys adults little wins for 3 glorious months, a wonderful use of leverage.

In business, people put themselves in a position where they convince themselves that they need to look bigger and better than they actually may be. (Remember the earlier blog on my opinions of “fake it till you make it” – NO – FACE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT). They tell their own little version of a Santa tale, or maybe they themselves are Saint Nick, to try and gain position in a discussion and/or negotiation. It may not be intentional, but the reality is this approach is a touch more sinister and dangerous than popping on a red suit to make the kids smile. I am not a fan, grow up and be real.

2. Following the crowd – now everyone as a child is brought up to believe in these characters generally, and in honesty it’s not a bad thing. However the one kid that I want to know more about is the one who at a young age goes “dad that is clearly you, take that off” – I bet they are destined for big things. However Peer pressure is a huge thing in life, it starts early, and it never ends until you choose to step away from the masses.
It starts with Santa, and competing with your classmates on the most elaborate spotting of the fat guy, or the biggest reward for a tooth, or the best Easter Egg award.
It develops into a consistent case of who has the hardest Dad, and who can neck the biggest bottle of White Lightning (part 1 wasn’t me, part 2 was maaaaaate)
Then you are an adult, and we are competing to keep up with the Jones’, and in the Property Seminar world a consistent game of my weener is bigger than yours. People are put on, or put themselves on, this pedestal, in many cases too early, and then have to create a story to keep themselves there. That is what they believe the audience wants to see. Yet again I am not a fan, grow up and be real.

“Look, its Santa”

Now don’t get me wrong, there are loads of great people in business and property, and there are great opportunities to do good business with good people. However, I have found that these people are simply not full of sh*t. They are honest, regardless of the stage that they are at, they can show you their deals, the opportunity, the team and their knowledge. They have hunger not ego.
Do deals with these people.
Do deals with me.
In the property world, with the legislation changes, growth of social media and basic use of companies house, it’s getting much harder to hide what you are doing nowadays. But more importantly why would you want to? Its either credibility or marketing, both are great. If people can’t or won’t show you what they are up to then my own opinion is they are either hiding something (eg not much to hide) or they are misinformed (don’t understand the modern value of marketing to any business)
I see people offering Easter Special Spectacular 48 hour special trainings to convert commercial buildings to 100 residential apartments, after they are about 5 buy to lets in. Oh, and people buy it, because deep down we all want to be that little kid believing in Santa, and waiting for our juicy present. It isn’t real – SANTA ISN’T REAL (sorry)!!!!!!!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, people often are full of it.

Now for the sell, and I have no shame, what we offer is good AND CAN BE PROVEN.
If you want to invest with us, funding our many deals here’s what we have.
– A pipeline of developments of in excess of £15 million in development value
– The backing of one of the largest and most aggressive lenders in the UK as a preferred client (references available I am sure)
– Buildings at various stages of development and planning that we can walk you around, you can see, touch and smell (in some cases I wouldn’t advise this one) what we are doing.
– Combined staff numbers far in excess of 50 people.
– Proven historic relationships with lenders into the millions of pounds, and many investors using our returns as their sole income.
– Experience of property education and consultation all over the world, and a history working with investors from every corner of the world.
– Incredible appetite for success, and access to some of the best deals in the game
– A large property Weener (emphasis on property)

We are actively looking for investment at the moment, if you want to work with us then get in touch. There are many, many good people in the property world, I am not for one minute slighting the whole industry. I know hundreds who invest well, with the right ethics, with transparency and honesty – but I have spent 10 years surrounded by the misrepresenting too, and I have watched them all come and announce themselves the same way, and then disappear into the bushes after making a royal horlicks of it.
We ain’t telling no lies, and we are here for good !!

Want to know more – head to the contact section and lets talk!!!!

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