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I was considering reigning in my bluntness for this post, but literally couldn’t think of a more suitable title. So it looks like the rest of this post is going to be just as blunt. Anyhow if you are here, and you read Blog 1, you gave me permission… here goes…..
(If you don’t want to hear it then TTFN)……but instead of the title I am going to use JLB from hereon.

The purpose of this post is to potentially give some reasons and an argument as to just WHY people get envy/angry/venomous towards people who are successful and aren’t afraid to show it.
As an individual who has both been the JLB and also the “victim” ( I would never call myself that) of them, I think I am pretty well placed to comment here – but also welcome the opinions of others.

I posted this on Instagram of my drive when the big dog Nathan Priestley was visiting hash tagging CARGOALS. Someone called me a Tory Wizard………….

So – I know that you are thinking, “pfffft I am not a JLB”, but answer me honestly here.
– Has anyone ever driven past you in a super car or as they have gotten out you have thought – without knowing them from Adam, “what a Kn*b” ?
– Have you been walking through Selfridges and seen a young girl buying a Louis, and found yourself thinking “gold digger”, “I wonder what her fella does” or “wish I had her mummy and daddy”
– Have you ever used the sentence “oh but its OK for them because……” or “If I had the start/help they did then…..”

If the answer is no to all of the above then you are either a saint that we could liken to Mother Theresa herself, or a big fat liar. Only you know. If the answer is yes then kudos for your honesty, and confirmation that you are the same as most human beings alive today.

But come on, we have all done it…….I used to always do it, and in fact I did it the very most when I was severely depressed in 2008-2009 (maybe more on that later, its not my favourite subject) when I was blaming everyone else for everything. In fact I have only really stopped in the last 4/5 years if I am honest.

Flying first class return for two to Dubai last year – a post from with the same title. PS I paid £1200 for these tickets because no matter how wealthy I get – I can’t change being Northern and tight.

This blog isn’t a place for hatred and blame, its a place for reflection. If I were to reflect on why I was doing that back then and my opinion on why I think many of us do I would say the following:

– Other peoples success can often make you look inwardly at yourself. We all have, with some slight variation, the same opportunity (maybe not ability but that can be learned) to act and make a change in life. We definitely all have the same number of hours in every day. That however creates an issue for many, because then we have to look for excuses as to why others have managed X,Y and Z and we are still checking Lottery Tickets for our big shot at life.

– Modern life – in a world of Social Media and the “instagram lifestyle’ we can spend all day looking at other peoples amazing lives and thinking how shit we have got it. But rather than do something about it, we can get angry and bitter towards those that are. Remember two things here:
1. People Bullshit – especially in Property Investment. Just because they say it don’t mean it is true. Follow those that are clearly doing it and can evidence if needed. It is so much easier to “fake it until you make it” these days, so only follow and take advice from those who are where you want to be. (Oh, hi (waving))
2. Do less scrolling and more getting rolling. Stop watching people angrily at their success and go and make your own. I reiterate the end of point 1 here.

– Old school thinking – a lot of people feel this way because they simply do not know any differently, it has been engrained into our very beings as the wonderful people of Great Britain. What are you talking about Danny? Well let me tell you…..

“Money is the root of all evil” – the most commonly misquoted sentence of all time. It isn’t wrong to want to make money for you and your family, providing you get it in an honest and ethical way. Money doesn’t make you a Tw*t – money is a magnifying glass. If you are a Tw*t you come across as a bigger one with money, if you are a nice person without it, you are still a nicer (maybe nicer) person with it. People don’t really change who they are (how they think is different) because of money, as much as your opinion of them does.

Magnifying glass and money…….see what I did there (genius)

Entreprenuerialism (is that a word) isn’t celebrated or promoted enough in our system, and even less so in Education. We need to conform to someone else’s plan for us.
Born > Go to school > Graduate > Get a job > Buy a house > Pay Taxes for 50 years > Retire > Die > Pay more taxes
Throw in have children to enter the same cycle, and holiday once a year, and that’s the average plan.
Because of the fact that most people are on this plan, anyone who goes off piste is a bit weird, and we don’t like weird, we like what we know and we like to be right. Which again is why we can behave like a JLB to those that are doing something different to the above. We want it but we are scared. The described me in 2009 to a tee – glad I made the first move.

“It is easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is from the top”

Arnold Bennett

So today, I am going to ask you to re-frame your thoughts just like I had to in about 2014, when I was already doing OK, but was looking at others with envy, and still blaming/doubting/hating what they were doing.
What changed? A terrible Joint Venture experience with someone else I had decided was completely to blame. I took no responsibility at the time, and started to doubt everyone in our industry (after this person had painted themselves as as something they weren’t). I felt the spiral starting again and having been through it once, I thought sod that, the problem here isn’t what has happened it is how I have reacted to it.
So now I:
– Trust everybody but tie up my camels (more about JV qualification and who I work with in the future)
– Celebrate my success and that of others.
– Allow myself to be inspired by what other people are doing.

I love that other people are making money, getting rich, doing bigger deals and bigger developments than me because that means it’s possible. When I see someone with their new yacht, or pulling up in a £250k car I am going to see what they do in life and I want to know their story. When I go to Dubai and New York and see someone doing 1000 flats in a single development, it makes me feel happy and inspired. I want to be a small fish with room to grow, it shows that if I want more I can have it. THAT IS AWESOME. Think small, stay small.

If you want to work with us in any way, then please don’t be a JLB. Be someone who wants to better themselves, wants to be inspired and backs themselves. Whether you want to invest with us for a 10% return, buy our performing assets, get your own portfolio – do it because you want to better yourself and your life, and don’t be ashamed to want it, be proud that you are admitting it. You, are my kind of people, and we are going to talk or do business together very soon.

Now to you all – go and do something please.

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