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Guru definition – a Hindu Spiritual Teacher or an influential teacher / popular expert

Synonyms – teacher, tutor, mentor, expert, authority, leading light, professional, master, pundit………….

Talking about Property with some proper(ty) qualified investors

Now I know what you may be thinking – that description of a guru, and the synonyms are pretty good, right? I also am aware that I have some of those qualities or practices in my daily life, and I love them…… why do I not want to be called a ‘guru’……..?

The word is TARNISHED in our industry. People who don’t deserve the title are claiming it for themselves, or enjoying the lavish praise poured on them by believers of mismarketing.

I want to make it clear what I am (be polite); I am a property investor, developer and business owner. In being so I learn a decent amount about what is involved in these worlds, and try to share that with others. If they take value from it great, if they don’t then no problems. I am a property investor, that talks about my experience in this world. I am not a talker, that talks about property investment……..theres a huge difference that I want you to be clear on.

“Those that can’t do, teach” – is a famous statement (from George Bernard Shaw) with so many uses, in so many industries.
I don’t really like it, it belittles teaching and education, which delivered right (more on that in the future) can have a lifelong impact on our children, their children and generations of people. So many successful people, have teachers in life, that have forged a large part of their life.
We need to re-write the quote, especially for the property investment industry…….I think it should go like this

Those who teach, better be able to prove that they can, and have……..


D P Inman (today)

I help people with their investment businesses, I help people to build portfolios and I help people make better returns than they are currently capable of themselves (I believe everyone can be rich, I just don’t believe everyone tries to be). I do this from experience, because I have done it myself. I am qualified on the hours of work I have done, the thousand plus investments we have been involved in, the thousands of viewings and negotiations, the 18 hour days, the blood, sweat (OK not too much of this) and tears, and the years of taking risks and writing cheques, that I AM STILL DOING.

My single biggest belief in life is that you should only take advice from those who have done what you want to do in business and life, and can prove it. If you want to know how to get a better return on your cash then come and see papa, but if you want to know how to get a six pack you could grate cheese on, diet advice, or how to be compassionate/empathetic/emotional- then you may have guessed, I would be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

I know how to buy buildings, that make money……..sometimes I talk about it. Simples.

Take care out there folks, there are people who talk more than they act.

“Fake it till you make it” is SHIT advice. Try “Face it until you make it” instead. In an industry like property, marketing and I am sure many others, it often becomes about who is perceived as the big deal. In the world of property if I have been to Tenerife, someone would post an hour later that they are on their way to Elevenerife. The problem is Elevenerife doesn’t exist, much like the perceived success of many who shout the loudest.

In the words of a short actor (who ironically often stands on steps in his movies to look taller….) , “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

Go out, make it happen, close the deals, share the experience. That is the most credible way to educate. Go out, make it happen, cock it up, share the experience. That is an even more credible way to educate. Property and business isn’t all sunshine and lollipops, share the good and the bad, give value to those who believe in you and you will be rewarded for life. Put your head too far above the parapet, without the security of your armour (evidenced success) and you are going to get shot.

Need to make money in property – head to the contact section of the blog and follow our ups and downs.
Want a better return on your cash in the bank? Call me.
Want to lose weight? I’m out.

Clear? Clear.

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