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Thanks for joining me as I talk (and sometimes rant) all things property. Here I promise to be honest, frank and sometimes (too!) blunt in my discussions about our successes AND OUR STRUGGLES as serial investors and business owners, primarily in and around the property investment world. I am not sure if you will love it or hate it, but I promise no smoke and mirrors, no get rich quick chat, and certainly no smoke will be blown in any sensitive places. PS the use of “Journey” is supposed to be ironic here, if you are already in property you know why…….

If you want to know a bit more about me then please follow here. The basics are:

– I am early 30’s
– I got into properties in my early 20’s through training with Legacy Education Alliance, and have never looked back
– I own a letting agency, a development company, offer a portfolio building service and will develop over £20 million pounds worth of property this year.
– We use over £2m of private finance giving friends, family and other investors a far better return than they can get themselves, and far far better than the laughable interest the banks are offering.
– We employ directly and indirectly more than 100 members of staff, and I have JV partners with even bigger operations.
– I have spoken all over the world about UK property investment, deal with investors globally, have mentored and coached hundreds of investors of all descriptions (from starters to multi, multi-millionaires) and continue to present on our success on a regular basis.
– I eat far too much, train too little, but don’t really drink or smoke.
– I read a book a week.
– I got married in 2018 in South Africa to my beautiful wife Pip.
– I have the most addictive personality you will come across – luckily I have channeled that into work. (hence the lack of drink, fags and drugs above)
– I used to pretty good at Rugby league – but hated it.
– I am terrible at Golf – but love it.

One of our UK property Investments that we hope will be converted to a Boutique Hotel with Restaurant and Bar to the ground floor in my home town of Warrington.

So why am I doing this……….?
Well I have told you I am going to be honest so here we go.

I believe I know a bit about property, and that I am pretty well placed to comment (please don’t mistake my blunt talk with arrogance, I told you I was going to be blunt)

I want to build my personal brand. I am a huge believer in content marketing, and to be frank I am sick to death of people that aren’t qualified painting themselves as “property experts” after they have bought their first buy to let. So I am backing my content to be good. You can let me know if it isn’t.
(see Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk for brand-building chat)

I believe in journalling, sharing successes and losses, and public accountability. I believe that the Blog can resolve all of these “High Performance Habits.” These are things I do anyway, with my weekly “brain-dump” (I really must find a more PC name for that……….naaaaah).

I believe that if you see that I know what I am doing (I do), and that you take some of the information I am offering and hopefully apply it to your investments, life or routine successfully, then eventually in some way I will be rewarded.
You might decide you want to buy one of our quality yield based assets, you might want the letting agency to manage your North West property, or you may want to act as an investor on our property purchases for a 10% return – I don’t know……….but as ZZ says (Zig Ziglar a legend with a great name) – You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

I was always told to do something everyday that scares you _ (Baz Luhrman – Wear Sunscreen anyone). This makes old Danny uncomfortable, so here it goes………..