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I will go on record and say it –  I have developed a HUGE dislike for the media.

Remember when I said this before:

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 07.15.39

Well yeah, that.
This time has given people in life, business and the public eye an incredible opportunity to stand up and be counted, to shine and to inspire.
Whilst many have done exactly that (The NHS, Captain Tom, many incredible volunteers and so many more), others have shown a level of self interest, selfishness and the apparent desire to spread fear/panic, that I think will never be forgotten.
This pandemic has shown the very best and the very worst of humanity.

Nobody has blown their opportunity to shine more than the Media.


I think this says a lot.
People simply do not trust them, and it’s not hard to understand why.
I believe in life that it is very easy to find what you are looking for – and the press look for negativity at all costs.
Why don’t we look for every positive we possibly can?

The press are pushing out a negative rhetoric all day.  They are like scavengers looking to feast on the “misery” of the public, and damn all whom they can.

Is anyone really surprised that the government are making a few mistakes in dealing with a completely new virus that has impacted our country like never before – it is inevitable.  However, the press sit and wait for a mistake, that they can jump on immediately.  The daily briefings have become an embarrassment, where people under huge pressure are being asked leading questions (the same ones over and over) in order to try and make them look like they are failing.  Credit to them for showing up every single day (success principle), as to be honest Sharon on Facebook saying “that is their job” whilst she sits at home enjoying the benefits of their furlough scheme, simply doesn’t do it any justice whatsoever.
Is anyone really surprised that our people are making a few mistakes in dealing with a completely new virus that has impacted our country like never before – it is inevitable.  However the press sit and wait for a mistake.  They fill a front page with one “busy” beach or one “busy” park in a nation of 66 million people.  If 65,999,999 people were at home and 1 was on the park – the media would be filming the one.
I went out for the first time in the best part of 8 weeks this week.  I went to Tesco.  I accidentally walked the wrong way for 2 steps down an aisle, and felt like a criminal.  People were giving me the look.  The press have done this.

I could write about exactly what they do wrong all day.  The fact that news is 24/7 nowadays means that they have to fill the news, so whilst the majority of it is negative (bad news sells) – they now have to repeat the negative all day, across multiple channels (online and offline).  They also have to “create” stories (anyone seen the apologies doing the rounds?  The government itself even wrote a 2000 word document outing one particular headline grabbing article as completely wrong)

However, I won’t write about this all day.
I will say this.
Let’s all own our own shit.
As property investors and business owners let us focus on ourselves and on facts, not fear.

Check this post out on Instagram for more of what I am saying.  Link is HERE

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 07.36.01

The great thing is that we get to choose what we watch/read and how we react.
Don’t politicise this, it makes you no better than the press (eg a w*nker).  When much of the country is coming together, and thankful to its leaders (regardless of party), what do you really get from being divisive?
Don’t share information you have not checked is true, and even if it is true and is bad news, consider whether you share it.  Does it really help?
Don’t panic.
Don’t make this about you, it is about everyone.

I choose to try and give value in spades, try to inspire, share good news, take time to reflect and most importantly;
I want to grow through a crisis whilst many go through a crisis.
I believe in abundance over scarcity.
I will leave you with the below diagram, very relevant to the behaviour of people in life that has been magnified by this pandemic.
Where are you?  Where do you want to be?  Think about it – it’s a pause not a full stop, and when we come out of this (which we will) how do you want to be remembered as behaving, and how will you then behave moving forward…..

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 07.53.08

Stay safe and keep improving.
We will soon be back to normal, and we all need to decide what “normal” you want to return to.  Think about that one…….

Cannot wait to see you all again soon.

Danny x

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  1. Cat says:

    100% behind you on this Danny. The press add nothing good with the rhetoric they spin instead of reporting the facts and finding the best news. I stopped watching the news when journalists started going to location to interview another journalist – about 20 years ago. I follow the stats and only listen to primary source briefings on CV-19 and can’t tolerate the interaction with journalists after the briefings. I choose NOT to have their negativity build my anger in response to them – PREACH!!!!!

  2. watfordvg says:

    Totally agree Re media, constantly trying to corner them or trip them up….It must be incredibly difficult for the government to get it right for everyone.

    We will remember it’s a “Pause” Danny….and aim to come out the other end with abundance of positivity!🥰🤗

  3. Jason says:

    Very well put and I agree totally. I’ve had a disdain for the media for same reasons for a long while. And I believe we are in a far more anxious situation now cos of them.

    Keep the good fight.

  4. Colin says:

    Definitely, listening to certain sections of the media has become wearisome. In a perverse way I’ve gotten used to the constant spin and negative headlines. Makes it easier to see beyond a headline. On the other hand if it’s all positive I’d be asking what are they not reporting.

    1. Good news doesn’t sell sadly – we are a perverse animal

  5. Paul Caden says:

    This is very interesting blog. The British as a nation are seen to be complainers by other nations. This could reflect in the media outlets, portraying the more negative side of stories to feed this national habit. How would people have reacted, if they were told the survival rates instead of the number of deaths? Would people have acted and stayed at home if the press was more positive?
    I am a believer in positive attitude, if you can think it, it can be achieved!

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