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SELF EMPLOYED PEOPLE – this could be for you…….

Ok guys – we are well in this now.
Time for us all to wash our hands and to shine……..

You may have guessed, I think the government are doing an incredible job during these unprecedented times.
I am an absolute Boris Johnson fan boy, I have always felt he is sharper than he gets credit for, and that all of the buffoonery was part of the show.
You see the real value of someone when the chips are down, not when things are easy.  (remember this for yourselves, people are going to remember how you behave during these times, I plan to be remembered for being help and hopefully a bit of light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel)
Looks like people are starting to agree.  Looks like people are starting to agree with me on the legend that is Bo Jo….

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 06.12.24

In all the steps that they have taken I believe they have been doing so in all of our interests.  They have looked after the employed, the business owners and major companies on a business level.  They have advised on best steps for us on a health level (some idiots aren’t following) and in my opinion have progressed things at the right speed (baring in mind there are economical and medical concerns on locking people up too soon and too long too)

However, they were being accused of missing something, the Self Employed.  Well this is apparently about to change, with a bill due to be discussed in the Houses of P today, to talk about Self Employed Statutory pay.

Here is the link.

Bill to be discussed

Here is some of the detail

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 06.07.49
So, let’s see what comes today.
No more complaining, the government are doing their part.  Please do yours, because yours is considerably easier and less bloody burdening.  Imagine being in charge of the lives of 66 Million people right now.
We will come through this strongly.
It will pass through this quicker than we think, but longer than we hoped.

Your instructions are simple.

See Here

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 06.20.10




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8 comments on “SELF EMPLOYED PEOPLE – this could be for you…….

  1. Felicity Davies says:

    Thank you for these updates Danny! At a time where we’re bombarded with information and coping with a significant amount of stress, uncertainty and anxiety, your posts are helping us to refocus. You’re bringing clarity and for that we thank you!
    PS you are right, Boris is a credit to our nation! I’d be personally even more nervous right now if we had any of the alternatives or some predecessors in power right now!

    Stay safe!

    1. No problems – just trying to help as I know people will be struggling. Lets get through this

  2. Great words as always Danny
    Keep up the fight
    Stay safe

  3. Pail Fabian says:

    Mate, your words always hit the spot! It’s a good thing that you’re doing, keep it up. Just think, after 12 weeks you’ll have enough material to compile your Corona Diary; now that would be a book to live by! 👍👍

    1. Now there’s an idea….

      1. Paul Fabian says:

        Just don’t call it My Danny Diary……. people may think you’re a wannabe soap star! 🙂

  4. Charlotte Woodhead says:

    Hi Danny, Glad you and Pip are
    home safe and sound, thank you so much for the update. You really are a star.
    Stay safe.

  5. Jenny Greig-Pylypczuk says:

    Thanks Danny as always your views are intreating and too the point – keep them coming 🙂

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