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There are some words in our vocabulary, that we should be slapped around the face with a cold fish, when caught using.

The number one offender in the world in my opinion, and also what I believe to be the most limiting and dangerous word in the world,  is “entitled”.  This is especially dangerous when accompanied by the words “I am”, and in the absence of “not”.

YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED, EVERYTHING SHOULD BE EARNED. Screenshot 2019-10-24 at 11.48.57The google dictionary definition describes the word in such a negative, unattractive way.  So why do people both think that they are, and still use the word itself so heavily?  What has created this mentality in the general public?  Knowing this definition alone (regardless of my strong opinions about it) would stop me ever using it about myself.

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So why is the use of one simple word so dangerous?  What makes the mentality of the entitled keep them in a place of lack of progression.  Simple – responsibility and ownership, and the lack thereof.

The second you feel “entitled”, you lose your personal right and you are passing someone else the responsibility for your success in life.  My strong belief is that nobody in life owes you anything.  Do not give them the strength to control your outcomes.  Work is rewarded, you deserve what you EARN, and you are entitled to NOTHING.

The most liberating lesson I have ever had.


The day you take responsibility for your own success, that you never use that dirty E word again, is when you take real control.
Success or failure is down to you.
Nobody to blame.
Nobody to expect a free ride from.
If you want more, earn it.  Take risks.  Create your own opportunities.  Work harder.  Look for how you can help others, by helping yourself.
Spend time with people who are doing what you want to do.  That inspire you to do more.
Avoid people who complain about other people, owing them X,Y and Z, and how they are not getting what they are “entitled” to.
Just watch out for the word, the word itself tells you expectations.
Be humble.
Be grateful.
But most importantly, OWN YOUR SHIT.

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